5 team pages that will make you squeal with envy

Wether you call it About Us, Crew, Team or Overpaid Hipsters your team page offers a great deal of information about your company that prospective customers will use in making a purchase decision. We’ve just recently launched ours, and in our hunt for inspiration we thought some of these were so good we just had to share them (even before getting our team¬†page up!).


Before we start, your brand matters

An effective team page is an opportunity to communicate your brand. In our search for inspiration we were looking for creativity, personality and character. Because we’d love to work with people who are just like us and often in the world of advertising you need to develop those traits for effective campaigns.


Amazingly creative team pages


name.com team page

name.com¬†introduces you to their team, and it feels like the whole team. The layout is great too, if you need to ask a question you know where to go to get the right person. We snuck the “how I play” idea after reading about Amanda’s ‘Netflix & chill + red wine’.


Si digital

Si digital go all out on the media types. Copy, images and a video (with what looks like a fully operational eMac!). What we like:

  • The laboratory theme
  • The timeline of key company events provides more context
  • The ping pong leader board confirms our assumptions that Developers are prone to winning.


wistia team page

Wistia’s mouse hover shows how they get their groove on. There are two key take-aways for us:

  • Kristen can feel the beat
  • If your CV didn’t get through, Lenny probably ate it


mixd team page

While not technically on a team page as it sits on the about page, the meet the team section at mixd.co.uk shows how professional photography and lighting can take everything to the next level.


Our favourite


electric pulp team page


Click through and enjoy. The key question is… Can Stefan’s hips move like that too?


Which one do you like? Would any of these ideas work for your brand?