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Brand recognition where competitors have similar names

Brand recognition where competitors have similar names 825 470 Lloyd

Are you in a market where it seems like every Moll, Nell and Sue have the same name as your company? Some of those buggars even have similar toll free numbers as yours. How do you compete? In a word, branding.

In doing the research for this post it became clear that all we needed to do was bring you these excellent posts. Get clarity and create distance between you and your pesky competitors.

Brand check. 4 signs you have an awareness problem

Richard Branson once said, “Your brand is only as good as your reputation.” The first step here is to get a sanity check on your current brand state. Josephine Hardy gives you a quick 4 point checklist.


Stop the rot. Generate a competitive advantage

Jeremy Miller runs through your options on creating a competitive advantage and hence standing out from the crowd. Here are 9 unique brand options you can use to create a compelling competitive advantage in your industry.


8 strategies to drive your competitive advantage

You’ve got your point of difference, time to drive it home. Anada Lakra at 99designs covers your logo, the content on your website and how to put all that together to make it work ( or werk werk werk for the hipsters).


Extra: For those leaving no stone unturned

Glenda McGarthy-Gaspar covers time proven strategies that will lift you from industry competitor to leader. These will take time, effort and energy, however you’ll be the envy of everyone who isn’t willing to take the time to plan and execute. Guest posting, webinars and video production will become your go to marketing tactics.


What tactics do you use to get attention in a crowded market? I’d love to know, let me know in the comments.

6 companies who nailed their value proposition

6 companies who nailed their value proposition 825 470 Lloyd

Ever wondered if your service page on your site was working?

It can be confusing and frustrating when you’re not getting results when you are covering all the basics. Have you ever said:

  • It’s not the design
  • We’re not getting the right people
  • People are too busy

These are just a few mistakes you could be making by not looking at your elevator pitch or in marketing lingo, your value proposition. When you are promoting a service it can be hard to distill your core value proposition into a simple meaningful statement. But the benefits are great when you get it right. In this post you will see how leading companies make their value clear right from the get go.


Companies whose value proposition is so clear it makes busy people stop and pay attention




mightytext do exactly what they say. Text from your computer and have it sync with your Android phone.

And this is one happy mightytext user, I never got used to typing into a smartphone so being able to type from a keyboard to send text messages is a communication blessing.

What we like:

  • The small badge of social proof showing over 7 million users
  • The example view showing laptop and phone




belly shows you what you can do. Create a digital loyalty programme for your business.

What we like:

  • Social proof all over. 8500 business users in 2500 cities plus marquee customer logos and a testimonial from Wolfie!
  • The call to action has contrast to the rest of the content in the light blue and draws attention




treehouse is an online education provider for developers. An online search for ‘learn to code’ will likely lead you here.

What we like:

  • Capturing the sign up is the focus and all you have to do is enter your email address and password to access the free trial. There are no barriers to conversion here
  • The audience is validated with the job market information




If you are more goldfish than elephant, Evernote will help you remember everything.

What we like:

  • Getting an elevator pitch down to 25 words or less is often a great feat. Here, Evernote does it in two words
  • When you come to the website you are looking directly at the call to action, sign up for free
  • Like treehouse the process to get started is easy. It only requires an email and password




If you are involved in content marketing, you know the challenge is about producing quality content for your desired audience. It’s a challenging and time consuming task. TechValidate handles their biggest objection immediately with credible content and then immediately follows with their value proposition.

What we like:

  • Testimonials work wonders. Here they are the prominent feature.
  • Social proof with large companies are clearly in view
  • How this works hasn’t been answered, so the next best thing is a demo, which is the call to action on the page.




This mailchimp example isn’t a service landing page but we’ve included it because they are in a hyper competitive market for a homogeneous service. The sending of marketing email and capturing of that performance data. They’ve made an annual report all about their internal data and you can scroll through it easily on the one page.

What we like:

  • The data reinforces their brand for being experts and trusted
  • The transparency is its own form of social proof


Now that you’ve seen some great examples in action you should have a better understanding on how you can take your service pages up a notch. Don’t forget to track your results if you make changes to your page content.

What sites do you think are doing a great job? Let us know in the comments below.

Building brand awareness in a competitive market

Building brand awareness in a competitive market Lloyd

Creating a strong and recognisable brand is essential for your business’s growth and development.

When your product is the preferred choice, no longer do people use the actual word for the product but rather the name of your company as a substitute. This kind of brand marketing happens through people using your brand name over and over again – cost effective and smart.

Examples being:

  • Aspirin instead of Pain Killers
  • Scotch Tape
  • Post-It Note
  • And this one recently, just watch to the end of this 1:24 funny clip brand domination

But how do you start building a brand from scratch? And where do you start? Below we’ve got recommendations to help you begin a long term process for building your brand.


5 simple and effective ways to grow your brand and get you a constant stream of high fives in the office.

Car Wraps

If you have a team on the road, wrap your vehicles in your branding. It’s a common feature many companies employ and helps to signal to the market that you take pride in your brand.


  • If you service local areas, it is a highly targeted advertising tactic
  • No restrictions on your creative compared to other mediums owned by third parties

Pro Tip – Along with a logo, have a phone number, url and state what you do


I remember getting a welcome pack from Meridian Energy when I switched power companies. It included household cleaners, chocolate and a wind up torch amongst other things. The hand wind Meridian torch was awesome as I don’t have to worry about batteries and the marketer in me liked the link to renewable energy.


  • No restrictions on your creative compared to other mediums owned by third parties

Pro Tip – Don’t go for disposables that once used are discarded


Going back to the Meridian example above. Their welcome pack included items from Eco Store and Whittakers. I assume Meridian customers often sign up when they are moving into a new residence. Having some household cleaner and chocolate to make moving in feels like a great idea. What other companies can you pair with to create added value?


  • Permission to put your brand in front of a new audience
  • Very cost effective. It’s often less expensive to share with an audience than pay for it

Interview experts

Social Media Examiner came up with this formula for measuring good content.

“valuable content = influence = social reach = traffic = more reach and so on”

Oprah found the best way to do this and became one of the worlds biggest brands. Interviewing. Regardless of the industry you are in there will still be one or two experts you can contact and ask to interview.


  • Positions your brand as an authority and expert
  • Creates timeless content that won’t age
  • Great for multiple content types e.g. blog post, sales aid, proposals and white papers to name a few

Publish research

It might sound like the bar is very high for this one, however it can be achievable and effective. Let’s say you are an insulation company and insulate a lot of hot water cylinders. You could call or email each customer after two months and ask what the reduction in their electricity bill was. This could be automated using the likes of Survey Monkey or Survey Gizmo. The information you collect can be used to create infographic for your website, estimates sent by email and the list goes on.


  • Highly accurate value proposition for your product or service
  • Tangible benefits for potential customers


What other activities would you recommend? Let me know in the comments 🙂

5 team pages that will make you squeal with envy

5 team pages that will make you squeal with envy Lloyd

Wether you call it About Us, Crew, Team or Overpaid Hipsters your team page offers a great deal of information about your company that prospective customers will use in making a purchase decision. We’ve just recently launched ours, and in our hunt for inspiration we thought some of these were so good we just had to share them (even before getting our team page up!).


Before we start, your brand matters

An effective team page is an opportunity to communicate your brand. In our search for inspiration we were looking for creativity, personality and character. Because we’d love to work with people who are just like us and often in the world of advertising you need to develop those traits for effective campaigns.


Amazingly creative team pages


name.com team page

name.com introduces you to their team, and it feels like the whole team. The layout is great too, if you need to ask a question you know where to go to get the right person. We snuck the “how I play” idea after reading about Amanda’s ‘Netflix & chill + red wine’.


Si digital

Si digital go all out on the media types. Copy, images and a video (with what looks like a fully operational eMac!). What we like:

  • The laboratory theme
  • The timeline of key company events provides more context
  • The ping pong leader board confirms our assumptions that Developers are prone to winning.


wistia team page

Wistia’s mouse hover shows how they get their groove on. There are two key take-aways for us:

  • Kristen can feel the beat
  • If your CV didn’t get through, Lenny probably ate it


mixd team page

While not technically on a team page as it sits on the about page, the meet the team section at mixd.co.uk shows how professional photography and lighting can take everything to the next level.


Our favourite


electric pulp team page


Click through and enjoy. The key question is… Can Stefan’s hips move like that too?


Which one do you like? Would any of these ideas work for your brand?