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Brand recognition where competitors have similar names

Brand recognition where competitors have similar names

Brand recognition where competitors have similar names 825 470 Lloyd

Are you in a market where it seems like every Moll, Nell and Sue have the same name as your company? Some of those buggars even have similar toll free numbers as yours. How do you compete? In a word, branding.

In doing the research for this post it became clear that all we needed to do was bring you these excellent posts. Get clarity and create distance between you and your pesky competitors.

Brand check. 4 signs you have an awareness problem

Richard Branson once said, “Your brand is only as good as your reputation.” The first step here is to get a sanity check on your current brand state. Josephine Hardy gives you a quick 4 point checklist.


Stop the rot. Generate a competitive advantage

Jeremy Miller runs through your options on creating a competitive advantage and hence standing out from the crowd. Here are 9 unique brand options you can use to create a compelling competitive advantage in your industry.


8 strategies to drive your competitive advantage

You’ve got your point of difference, time to drive it home. Anada Lakra at 99designs covers your logo, the content on your website and how to put all that together to make it work ( or werk werk werk for the hipsters).


Extra: For those leaving no stone unturned

Glenda McGarthy-Gaspar covers time proven strategies that will lift you from industry competitor to leader. These will take time, effort and energy, however you’ll be the envy of everyone who isn’t willing to take the time to plan and execute. Guest posting, webinars and video production will become your go to marketing tactics.


What tactics do you use to get attention in a crowded market? I’d love to know, let me know in the comments.


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