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Reaching your target audience

Reaching your target audience

Reaching your target audience 825 470 Lloyd

You can’t seem to reach your target market through any advertising platforms. Your competitors advertise heavily and some have significant marketing budgets. How do you reach your target market and engage them?



A 4 point strategy to cut past your competition and engage your audience

The purpose here is to get clarity on:

  1. Your target audience
  2. Where they hang out
  3. Your available channels
  4. Widening your funnel to future customers

It’s a saturated advertising world we live in with few advertising free spaces. How do you get heard?

1) Define your target audience well and your value

Imagine you are fishing and you’ve got two hooks to choose from. One is from 1973, a little rust but has a worm attached to it. The other was designed especially to attract snapper with a small laser that automatically detects sharks and shoots them before they steal your catch.

The mistake here is thinking this step isn’t important. It’s vital. Here is an example for Online Traffic.

Online Traffic is an online advertising company. Or,

Online Traffic is an online advertising company that helps busy small business owners get wins online by helping them match their resources to the most appropriate tactics.

2) Be where your audience is

For our audience, busy small business owners, we know they are in their email inbox. For many they spend the majority of their time there. Where is your audience?

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Google Search

If you don’t know, find some real people in your audience and ask them. The recommendation at this stage is to demonstrate your value to your audience where they are. But…

3) Don’t just use paid media

In our saturated advertising world people are desensitised to offers where they accustomed to seeing them. So be where they don’t expect you. This isn’t a recommendation to hide from them and jump out with a flyer. Consider using earned media. Here are some examples:

  • If you were a smartphone manufacturer, send devices to tech journalists asking for a review in their publications
  • If you were an organic flour producer send ingredients to food bloggers and ask them to post their thoughts about using your product in their recipes
  • If your industry has an awards ceremony, enter to get your name and brand highlighted as a finalist.

4) Start recruiting future buyers

Some people are ready to buy. Most however won’t be. What are you doing with this large group? (Nothing? Shame!)

Instead of talking about your product or service to this group, the aim here is to talk about the issues and problems they have. That way you’ll capture attention and get consideration when people are making purchase decisions. Here are some great examples:

How do you reach your target audience and what do you do to get their attention? Let me know in the comments below.


Lloyd is a Bruce Springsteen fan and marketer and often partakes in both at the same time. A budding nerd he contributes to the solutions team at online traffic.

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