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Building brand awareness in a competitive market

Building brand awareness in a competitive market

Building brand awareness in a competitive market Lloyd

Creating a strong and recognisable brand is essential for your business’s growth and development.

When your product is the preferred choice, no longer do people use the actual word for the product but rather the name of your company as a substitute. This kind of brand marketing happens through people using your brand name over and over again – cost effective and smart.

Examples being:

  • Aspirin instead of Pain Killers
  • Scotch Tape
  • Post-It Note
  • And this one recently, just watch to the end of this 1:24 funny clip brand domination

But how do you start building a brand from scratch? And where do you start? Below we’ve got recommendations to help you begin a long term process for building your brand.


5 simple and effective ways to grow your brand and get you a constant stream of high fives in the office.

Car Wraps

If you have a team on the road, wrap your vehicles in your branding. It’s a common feature many companies employ and helps to signal to the market that you take pride in your brand.


  • If you service local areas, it is a highly targeted advertising tactic
  • No restrictions on your creative compared to other mediums owned by third parties

Pro Tip – Along with a logo, have a phone number, url and state what you do


I remember getting a welcome pack from Meridian Energy when I switched power companies. It included household cleaners, chocolate and a wind up torch amongst other things. The hand wind Meridian torch was awesome as I don’t have to worry about batteries and the marketer in me liked the link to renewable energy.


  • No restrictions on your creative compared to other mediums owned by third parties

Pro Tip – Don’t go for disposables that once used are discarded


Going back to the Meridian example above. Their welcome pack included items from Eco Store and Whittakers. I assume Meridian customers often sign up when they are moving into a new residence. Having some household cleaner and chocolate to make moving in feels like a great idea. What other companies can you pair with to create added value?


  • Permission to put your brand in front of a new audience
  • Very cost effective. It’s often less expensive to share with an audience than pay for it

Interview experts

Social Media Examiner came up with this formula for measuring good content.

“valuable content = influence = social reach = traffic = more reach and so on”

Oprah found the best way to do this and became one of the worlds biggest brands. Interviewing. Regardless of the industry you are in there will still be one or two experts you can contact and ask to interview.


  • Positions your brand as an authority and expert
  • Creates timeless content that won’t age
  • Great for multiple content types e.g. blog post, sales aid, proposals and white papers to name a few

Publish research

It might sound like the bar is very high for this one, however it can be achievable and effective. Let’s say you are an insulation company and insulate a lot of hot water cylinders. You could call or email each customer after two months and ask what the reduction in their electricity bill was. This could be automated using the likes of Survey Monkey or Survey Gizmo. The information you collect can be used to create infographic for your website, estimates sent by email and the list goes on.


  • Highly accurate value proposition for your product or service
  • Tangible benefits for potential customers


What other activities would you recommend? Let me know in the comments 🙂


Lloyd is a Bruce Springsteen fan and marketer and often partakes in both at the same time. A budding nerd he contributes to the solutions team at online traffic.

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