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4 posts to help you nail your online marketing strategy

4 posts to help you nail your online marketing strategy

4 posts to help you nail your online marketing strategy 825 470 Lloyd

Is your online marketing attracting visitors to your website and turning them into delighted customers? If you don’t know the answer to that, these 4 excellent posts help you get your strategy, traffic, conversion and promotion refined for 2016.


1) Stop buying your website visitors, grow your audience

This 2013 post from Brian Clark concisely explains how you can leverage the age of search to scale your marketing. “The mindset that makes online marketing work” is behaving like a media company and growing your audience.

If one day you’d like to stop paying for your website visitors, click that link.


2) Know where your profitable customers come from

As your audience grows you’ll learn that not all channels provide the same outcomes. Alice Default does an excellent job of answering what, where and how you measure your acquisition channels.

If focusing your resources on the traffic sources that work is important, read that post. As a bonus you can get a copy of the Customer Acquisition – Channel Tracking Spreadsheet which is well worth it.


3) Build a funnel for sales

Your website has a purpose of generating sales or leads. By building a funnel you have a clear design goal to move people from A to B to C. You’ll also be able to measure the performance of each stage. Neil Patel goes into great detail on how to build a conversion funnel. From attracting customers, encouraging actions and all the way to setting up goals in Google Analytics. This is the detailed reference post to make sure you are doing everything right.

He’s a bit of a big deal, you might actually triple your profits.


4) Take care of customers and they will promote you

Forget about customer satisfaction. Aim for customer delightedness and in turn see them become your best form of promotion. Help Scout shows some powerful examples of going above and beyond for customers. Another 14 examples from Buffer show that inserting care into customer service can win the day.


What strategies and tactics are working with your online marketing? I’d really like to find out in the comments below!


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